We need to talk if:

  • You’re tired of continual insurance renewal rate increases
  • You’re tired of the same old PPO discounts but costs keep going up
  • You’re tired of shopping insurance companies
  • You’re tired of the same old results
  • You’re tired of what’s not covered
  • You’re tired of specialty drug costs
  • You’re tired of insurance companies making so much money off of you
  • You’re tired of increasing employee contributions
  • You’re tired of increasing everyone’s deductibles and co-pays
  • You’re tired of good news and bad news – the bad news is the insurance company wants to raise your rate 15% but the good news is your broker got it down to 12%
  • You’re tired of paying your broker or consultant so much money with no results
  • You’re tired of not having good claims data to make prudent business decisions
  • You’re tired of this expense being one of the highest on your P&L
  • You’re tired of the status quo
  • You’re tired of not knowing how to fix it

Whew! There are a lot of reasons to be tired of health insurance.

I know the last 12 months have been crazy for everyone – and there’s probably nothing that has occurred, or things you have heard that I could possibly state here that would be new. Of all the new things that have occurred, one of the most intriguing is working remotely. Some people like it – others don’t.  Zoom meetings have taken the place of departmental meetings and phone calls. I like to think of Zoom meetings as a phone call which allows you to see who you are talking to on the other end, and conference calls can pull everyone together.

Because of all this it’s been difficult for me to get people’s attention when they have so many other things to deal with regarding the pandemic. I get it – it’s a matter of prioritizing issues that need to be dealt with.

One issue that doesn’t seem to be near the top of the list is health insurance, and because of that businesses seem content to simply renew their plan and just keep it the same as last year – so there’s no need to talk to me. But if you are going to talk to me it’s because you’re TIRED.

IF YOU ARE TIRED of any or all of the above – I can help. Call me or let’s have a Zoom meeting so I can introduce myself to you – 970.349.7707

I can also send you a free copy of my book: “You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know.” It’s an easy read and once you’ve read it you’ll be a lot more knowledgeable about the health insurance world.