Forensic Financial Benefits Audit

Our Goal is to Identify and Quantify Opportunities within your Plan that Create Compelling Savings Without Changing Benefits to Employees

Strategic 4 Step Process


Your Authorization To Communicate With Your Claims Adminstrator And Obtain The Necessary Data, Information, And Contracts


Analyze Data, Infomation, and Contracts Through Our Proprietary Forensic Financial System


Present The Findings Of The Benefits Audit To You And Your Team


Implement The Selected Areas Of Recommendations

Get Your Free Benefits Audit

What’s in it for YOU?
  • You don’t necessarily have to change your broker

  • You can dramatically reduce your health care costs

  • You don’t have to change the benefits to employees

  • You don’t have to change your vendors unless you want to

  • Your contracts will be ‘air tight’ thereby eliminating any potential risk

  • You will have access to better information that will help you make better decisions in the future

  • You will be able to manage the risk in your plan

  • Your established expectations will be met by your broker

  • You will know that the best prices for vendor services have been achieved

  • You can rest assured that your plan is performing at optimal levels

The Benefits Audit is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.  We have program options through our proprietary analysis that a broker or administrator doesn’t have access to, nor the desire to delve in to, the way Strategic Healthplan Consulting does.

We can save you more in fixed and claim costs than a broker, for a fraction of the price.

Call Strategic Healthplan Consulting, ask for Frank and let’s get this going.



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