Frank’s competence, engagement and style enabled our mid-size business to develop and maintain a comprehensive benefit program that enhanced employee satisfaction, protected lives, and was financially viable. In this time of significant change in benefit legislation, Frank and his team are capable of making a significant difference to any organizations’ bottom-line financially and in terms of employee satisfaction. Legal compliance will not be a source of concern with his partnership. Recommendation is unconditional.
Michael Weerts

VP Human Resources, Grand River Hospital

I worked with Frank in looking at different ways to implement population management process with the end result of producing healthier employees and reducing the cost of healthcare for employers. With all the effott to reduce healthcare costs, the only effective way is to reduce utilization of those individuals who are high utilizers of healthcare.

Frank has great expertise in this area and has been ahead of the curve nationally. Ifyou need expertise in this area, I strongly suggest you contact and work with Frank. Net – Net your company will be dollars ahead of the healthcare cost curve.

Tom Brink

President and CEO, Indiana University Health Occupational Services

When I review the performance of a fellow professional , I also look at how he or she performs in other aspects of their life. It is well established that Frank has long dedicated himself to the insurance profession and I know of many organizations to whom he has provided  a very valuable service in this area.

But I also place great value on the wonderful family that Frank and his wife have raised and his dedication in support of our local schools. In addition, I have witnessed first-hand the numerous contributions Frank has made in his volunteer service to our community, particularly through our local Rotary Club. Based on all of the above reasons, I highly recommend Frank’s professional services.

Chuck Cliggett

Owner, Cliggett & Associates, P.C. - Attorneys at Law

I have known Frank for quite awhile and he is extremely effective in managing a company’s health “insurance” costs in a creative and pro-active way. Frank is always ahead of the curve and I highly recommend  his advice and  counsel.
Branch Springer


Frank was one of our best partners- always proactive and knowledgeable, and always willing to go the extra mile. His clients love him and we closed a lot of business together. I would be happy to provide a very positive reference.
Peter A . Bauch

Senior Healthcare and Information Technology Sales Executive

Frank provided great value on a number of insurance products for WHA (Western Healthcare Alliance).
Wavne Deschambeau

President/CEO, Wayne HealthCare

Frank and I have many mutual clients in Western Colorado. Frank does what an effective consultant should do – he educates himself on complicated employee benefit and insurance issues, listens carefully, and advises clients on the options that will result in the best value for their employees and the organization. I think it is especially important to have a trusted guide to help navigate the murky and uncertain health care environment. I highly recommend  Frank.

John Gribben

Owner, Triad EAP

Frank is an energetic, experienced and creative Employee Benefits professional. His ability to deliver innovative, employee engaging programs that mitigate the increasing cost of healthcare goes beyond just shopping for a better rate. He is someone that will become a Trusted Advisor of his client and an extension of the corporate resources charged with managing the Health and Welfare programs. The last thing I can say about Frank is, if I were looking for a Broker/Consultant, Frank would be at the top of my list.
Gregory Martin

Regional Vice President Sales

I trust him and you can too. At the end of the day – isn’t that all that really matters? One of the sole reasons I endorse Frank’s work is because he keeps his promises. There is more though.

Frank follows through on his commitments, he finds innovative ways to solve health care financing issues, and above all else – he thinks like a business owner, not simply a vendor. I highly endorse Frank’s work. He’s a trusted advisor in an otherwise crowded field and that has always distinguished  him.

Jim Barone

Marketing, Sales and Media Executive

Frank is a true professional with superb knowledge in his field. Frank keeps abreast of the current healthcare changes and is extremely knowledgeable, as well as personable . Frank seems to accomplish goals that other companies have said they would do, but have failed to accomplish. I am pleased to have a business working relationship with Frank and would highly recommend  him.
Mary Roth

Human Resources Generalist, Recruiting Manager

Frank was involved in quoting of our benefits packages over many years, and always had excellent advice, which was provided in a timely manner, and was delivered very professionally.  I would highly recommend  Frank Stichter.

Tammy Corral, PHR

Vice President (Human Resources & Public Relations), CMC Group

Frank is a loyal partner and I’ve enjoyed working with him over the past couple of years.
Peter Krahn

Senior Market Manager, Unum

Frank had great ideas on how to approach some issues we raised with our benefits program. I have left that company, but Frank’s colleagues are still providing assistance to them.
Stan Hire

Director of Human Resou recs, U.S.District Court, Northern District of Ohio

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