In conjunction with Marcus Evans a global financial firm, Strategic Healthplan Consulting LLC is presenting a 60 minute online discussion: Transformational Dual Perspectives on Tackling the Growing Rise of Company Healthcare Costs. The event is Tuesday October 27th at 11:00 Eastern

Why This Online Event:

The quest to deliver quality healthcare is more challenging in a market where costs are rising and coverage is declining. As a result, employees are increasingly dissatisfied with their health plans from what is considered as one of the highest expenses on a company’s P&L sheet. Over the past several years, the average premium has risen to 19%, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation, leaving finance, operations and HR professionals unsure of the best way forward to deliver a comprehensive package to today’s diverse workforce. Learn of unique best practices from two dynamic, highly respected business leaders, who have successfully tackled this issue to effectively lower costs and manage their health plans like other divisions within their companies.

Agenda Includes:

  • Promoting a solutions-oriented approach to drive down costs and expenditure
  • Assessing fiduciary responsibilities through forward thinking business acumen
  • Exploring alternatives to managing your health plan reflective of long-term goals
  • Achieving measurable financial performance outcomes and significant rewards


The speakers include:

  • Ray Lee Bowman, Sr. Vice President of Marine Max – the worlds largest yacht and boat retailer, and publicly traded company.


  • Nick Porter, Vice President Total Rewards for Signature Healthcare – the fifth largest post-acute care firm in the United States.


These companies have effectively implemented plans and programs that have reduced their costs by 37% and 54% respectively, and have figured out the “black box” of insurance costs and what to do about it. Learn from their experiences and techniques, and the steps that you can take to make your health plans operate like a division of your company and give those savings back to your employees.