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We help business owners save 20%–50% on health insurance costs by offering unbundled programs that allow you to keep your same benefits for a drastically lower cost. Curious to learn more? Watch the free informational webinar or keep reading, then book a free no-obligation consultation.

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Advancing Management of Chronic Kidney Disease

Learn how you can manage Chronic Kidney Disease which can lead to costly Diabetes and Dialysis claims for your group.

Oct 20 • 09:30 AM (MST)

Transformational Dual Perspectives on Tackling the Growing Rise of Company Healthcare Costs

Oct 27 • 11:00 AM (EST)

Oncolgy (Cancer) Management

Learn how an Oncology Management program can significantly reduce your cancer claims and provide better outcomes for your members.

Nov 12 • 09:30 AM (MST)

Customizing Plan Design and Other Hot Topics

Customize your health plan the way it best fits your employees and you culture rather than what an insurance company wants to sell you.

Dec 10 • 09:30 AM (MST)

We Build Custom, Unbundled Healthcare Plans for Businesses.

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Health Care Costs are Going Up Every Year.

Healthcare is likely the second largest expense on your P&L, next to payroll. Sadly, we have yet to see what the fall-out of the coronavirus will be in terms of health care costs to small businesses.

And let’s face it: rising costs are keeping you from investing in your business and your people.

If you could drop your health care costs by a third or more, what would you do with that money? Would you invest in inventory? People? Equipment? Marketing? Growth?

"Informing Us About Hidden Costs..."

Frank did a great job educating us about the healthcare system, informing us about hidden costs (like the kickbacks retained by CNIC from our prescription provider), and the existence of groups that we can utilize to control our health care costs.

Doug Simons,
President/Owner Enstrom Candies, Inc.

"Rising Costs Were a Major Issue"

When the firm moved from a traditional to self-insured health plan during pre-ACA years, rising costs were a major issue. Frank played an important role for several years as we were challenged with ACA compliance and related costs, both for contracted medical expenses and administrative costs.

Robert A. Sachs
Retired Chief Operating Officer/Plan Administrator, Dalby Wendland & CO CPAS

"Frank is a Very Accomplished Advisor"

Frank is a very accomplished advisor: he listens first, has remarkable industry knowledge, and quickly became a trusted member of our team. During Frank’s first meeting with our health care plan committee, he pointed out several contractual issues that could leave the Plan vulnerable to future claims. They were corrected and avoided.

Doug Simons,
President/Owner Enstrom Candies, Inc.

The System is Rigged Against Business Owners.

Who on your healthcare team has an incentive for your costs to go down? The reality is, the entire healthcare system is rigged against you. Everyone in the healthcare food chain (except you) makes more money when your costs go up.

  • Insurance broker/consultant = higher commissions
  • Insurance company = more claims
  • Big Pharma = spread pricing and rebates
  • Doctors = more revenue
  • Hospitals = more revenue and increasing prices
  • Insurance Networks = PPO discounts mean nothing because prices keep increasing

We understand that you probably have a great relationship with your insurance broker. But unfortunately, they are not incentivized to work in your best interests. Most insurance brokers get between 2-4% commission from the insurance company. When insurance costs go up for you, the broker gets a raise and hasn’t done a d**n thing to earn it.

It’s time to break out of the System that is working against you and find a solution that will give you the same benefits for a fraction of the cost.

Hi, I’m Frank Stichter.

Frank Stichter

I’m not an insurance agent. I don’t work for an insurance company. I’m a specialist in healthcare benefits and I work for YOU.

I compete against insurance companies to win lower health care costs for my clients by 20-50%.

I don’t take commissions from insurance companies. Instead, my clients pay a small fee on a per employee, per month basis for my services. If your healthcare costs go up or down, I don’t raise or lower my fee. This means I’m constantly looking for the best deals for you.

Unlike your insurance agent, I’m not incentivized when your costs go up.

I’ve helped business owners save hundreds of thousands of dollars in healthcare costs by unbundling services.

We use an Itemized Bill (not a Universal Bill) to audit every single charge and make sure that every line item is legitimate. Because of this, we are able to achieve these hard-to-believe savings for our clients.


$65,000 – charge
$0 – what our clients pay



$475,111 – charge
$32,200 – what our client paid

Mini Stroke

Mini Stroke

$67,373 – charge
$7,952 – what our client paid

Hernia Repair

Hernia Repair

$618,890 – charge
$6,180 – what our client paid

Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea

$78,000 – charge
$2,351 – what our client paid

My Promise To You:

I Don’t Take Commissions.

I Don’t Work for Insurance Companies.

I Look for The Best Health Plan Arrangements

Traditional Insurance Plans Unbundled Health Plans
Average Employer Costs $12,000 per employee per year $6,500 per employee per year
Plan Design $6,000 family deductible, 20% coinsurance to $12,000 OOP $6,000 family deductible, 20% coinsurance to $12,000 OOP
Cost Increases 5-10% per year -20% – 0% per year
Employee Costs
(Example Out-of-Pocket over a 12 month period)
$11,000 $4,400

If this sounds too good to be true,

Check out the real results we’ve achieved for our small business clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this change the benefits for my employees?
A: It actually improves the benefits by eliminating the network so everything is paid at the in network level.

Q: What PPO network is used?
A: There is no PPO network utilized. Employees and their family members can go to any provider they want in the country.

Q: What insurance company is used?
A: We do not utilize an insurance company to pay providers. Instead, an independent third-party administrator is used to pay claims at a much lower price than the insurance company.

Q: How are the dramatic savings realized?
A: All providers are paid as a percentage of Medicare and or cost. The traditional PPO “discount off of what” no longer works. A discount off an ever increasing price doesn’t make sense anymore. With our approach, the savings can easily be over 30%

Q: Why aren’t other brokers/consultants talking about this concept?
A: There are a number of reasons. First, it takes more work on their part than working with an insurance company. Second, they may not have the knowledge or expertise to put this program together. Third, they get paid too much by the insurance company – why would they want to change?

Q: If there’s no insurance company, how does the program work?
A: The plan is a partially self-funded program, utilizing various Best In Class vendors for claims administration, stop loss coverage, pharmacy, etc.

Q: How do you get paid?
A: I don’t receive commissions as they artificially increase premiums. Instead, I charge a flat fee regardless of the premiums.

Q: What do you mean by “unbundled” health plan?
A: Rather than “bundling” all related programs and services through an insurance company, we “unbundle” the plan utilizing Best In Class vendors for claims administration, customer service, stop loss coverage, pharmacy, etc.

Q: What states in the you work in?
A: I work all across the country with employers in various states.

Q: Is it a violation of HIPAA to give you my claims information?
A: No, the data is de-identified so there aren’t any names or other indications of members. We also sign a Business Associate Agreement in the event we receive any Protected Health Information (PHI).

Q: What is the “Benefits Audit?”
A: It’s a detailed audit of your health insurance plan, whereby we look for compelling savings opportunities within your plan without changing benefits for employees. These opportunities are often overlooked or are unknown by brokers and insurance companies.

Q: How much of my time and involvement does the Benefits Audit take?
A; Very little. With the exception of providing a Letter Of Authorization for us to talk to your claims administrator and obtain the data and information needed initially, no involvement is needed until such time that we are able to present to you our Observations and Opportunities which we identify in our Benefits Audit. Should you then choose to implement any or all of the recommendations, we will minimize any involvement needed on your part.

Q: How much does the Audit cost?
A: Usually, nothing: the Benefits Audit does not typically cost anything. If you choose to act and implement any or all of the recommendations, we would contract with you at that point. If you feel that the recommendations in the Audit are not something of value and choose not to pursue, we will gather up the Audit documents and be on our way – you owe us nothing – and we can still be friends.

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